From one illustration and one comment spawned a whole new identity. 
Where urban and legends meets craft. Inspired from the legendary waters of Istanbul to the chamois buck​​​​​​​ of Slovene folklore, mixed with the personality of urban craft.

Our signature American IPA series focus's on unique flavour without compromising its refreshing strength.
Then switching it from gold to black, the black horn series expands the offerings adding hand-crafted disturbingly dark and spiced rum to the line-up.
Nothing screams summer like a refreshing mix.

Enter Twisted Horn - crafted from our urban rum series these mixes put a horny twist on the classics, perfect for your summer of legends.
*Unfortunately for all those eager Gold Horn + Twisted Horn is a fictional brand (for now).
However the concept is very much real, so if any fine investors / brewers wish to to make it a reality, lets get together and twist and grab some horns! Or we can just talk, take it slow.
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